Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Can I Admit This?

Would you?

My baby boy likes panty hose?

My Walkerman loves panty hose! It is unbelievably cute, yet a bit disconcerting! I hope it isn't a sign of some strange fetish! Come to think of it I do have an entire photo album called Naked Babies in Flip Flops! Oh my. . . and while I told my husband it was no big deal, they loved to wear fingernail polish up until they were teased for the first time in Kindergarten. . .
Walker tried to convince Wyatt that he needs a pair, but so far Wyatt's not interested. Only one needs therapy? It all started several weeks ago when I wore a pair to church. When we came home he was absolutely fascinated with them. He's liked them in the past, but hey, we live in AS so it's only cold enough 2 days a year to wear them! He asked if he could try them on. He gave me the face and the whine and then the "puuuuleeease mom?"
I gave in. (Maybe I need therapy?) He wore them for several hours. . . I thought all was forgotten, until Sunday when he begged and begged and begged for a pair of my "what's those things called again that you wear on your legs?"
He wore them the rest of the day and begged to sleep in them. Thankfully they didn't make it to bedtime and now they are in the trash, but he did ask me first thing Monday morning what happened to them! Should I be worried? Should I admit this? Should I take him in for therapy? Should I crawl in a hole and hide my face? But oh, he is so cute and it made him so happy. Please tell me I'm not scaring him for life and that someday this will just be a photo we laugh over and of which he will have no recollection, except because it's posted here on my blog for all the world to see. . .