Saturday, May 10, 2008

Father-Son Campout

Up near Payson there is a beautiful creek. This is the location of this year's Father-Son Camp out. Although the event was supposed to last until Saturday afternoon, the boys just couldn't be apart from me that long. Unfortunately I warned dad that this might be too long and hard for them, but dad had high hopes, so I spent Wednesday and Thursday preparing for them to go. I think it took longer for me to prepare for the trip than the time they spent on the trip, but you can tell by the photos that even though short, was well worth the trip. It was really hard for me to let them say good-bye (although not quite as hard as last year), but they didn't fare much better this trip than last time. This is only the second time in their 4.5 years that they have been away from me. I guess the attachment is mutual!

When Mike called me last night to tell me they were on their way home I was a bit sad and a bit relieved. Sad because I had plans for a nice day off, relieved because it was a bit strange having the house, just me and the girls, and it just didn't feel quite right. I know I'm not ready for my kids to grow up just yet, but I am glad the boys had a little time together, just each other, but I still prefer family camp outs where we can all be together. Mike insisted Wyatt was sick and felt warm, but the truth is, the only kind of sick he had was HOMESICK!

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